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Part One. Longing For Love
  • What I Have Heard From Men
  • What I Have Heard From Women
  • Why People Are Unhappy Sexually
  • Everyone Longing For Love Can Create Love
  • How To Bring Unimacy Into Your Life
  • The Five Senses
  • The Aspirations Of Unimacy
  • Creating A Unique Sexual Relationship
  • Learn To Control Your Sexual Desire
  • How To Create Sexual Happiness
Part Three. The Physical Body, Feelings And Senses
  • Self-Learning And Self-Balancing Versus Masturbation
  • Differences Between Men And Women
  • Men's And Women’s bBodies Differ But Their Senses Are The Same
  • Sexual Diet
  • Four Types Of Sex
  • Home Sex
  • Celebration Sex
  • Healing Sex
  • Energising Sex
  • Touch Is The Main Language Of Physical Love
Part Two. Myths, Beliefs And Attitude
  • Instinctual Sex And Peak Orgasm
  • Physiological Orgasm: Yes Or No
  • Lovemaking Should End With An Intense, Overwhelming And Mind-Blowing Sensation
  • One Should Be Highly Aroused During Sex
  • One Should Be Highly Aroused Before Engaging In Sex
  • Sex Should Be Spontaneous, Overwhelming And Passionate (Hot)
  • Five Main Unimacy Beliefs
  • Other Mainstream Ideas About Sex
  • A Man Should Always Bring A Woman To Orgasm First Before Having His Own Orgasm
  • A Man Should Have A Big Penis To Be Able To Satisfy A Partner Sexually
  • Before Penetration A Man Should Always Spend Time On Foreplay
  • Foreplay Is Good For The Woman Because It Makes Her More Aroused
  • Obviously Damaging Ideas
  • Five Ideas Disadvantageous To A Happy Relationship
  • Seventeen Beliefs And Unimacy Principles
Part Four. Your Partner, Sharing and Caring
  • You Cannot Be A Good Lover For Everyone
  • Too Embarrassed To Start
Part Five. The Art Of Romance, Imagination And Variety
  • The Sense Of Romance
  • How To Maintain Romance
  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Events
  • Presents