4 meetings, 1,5h each.

You can have a consultation or 3h workshop first and then you can explore your sensuality further during this 4 week program. You will learn how to expand your sexual energy, how to deepen your emotional connection with each other. You will develop and establish a new way of physical communication. You will become deeper lovers.

4 meetings with me will give you more chance to practice new elements bit-by-bit, adding from session to session new elements to those which are already mastered.

  • The workshop can take place in my studio or in your own home.
  • You can wear some kind of sport outfits or bikini if you do not like to be naked.

Benefits of this workshop:

mastering a new way of loving

definite overcoming any sexual problems

more awareness of body and mind

mastering love keys

opening deeper sensuality

exploring power of genital energy

mastering loving touches

expand creativity of massages

mastering different kind of penetration

mastering exchange of energy and orgasmic waves

the program is a way to deepen your love

the program is the way to increase your general health and vitality

the program is the way to create stronger bond

the program is the powerful breakthrough from your sexual stagnation

This is a personalized program for you as every couple needs different things.

My Method of Teaching:

There is NO nudity of the teacher or physical contact with the teacher. Your Nudity id optional.

I will explain step-by step what to do in the next 5 or so minutes and go to another room.

I come in when you have put something on (I provide silk dressing gowns).

Your are practicing in your privacy while one beautiful melody has not finished.

We talk, discuss sensations and feelings.

I give a new set of techniques.

And so on...

All couples I have worked with were very happy with my method as it gives a direct sensual and sexual experience, the physical body is fully engaged and at the same time there is a sense of privacy and intimacy, just like in your own bedroom.