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The Art Of Lovemaking

For Couples And Individuals



Criss (45) and Kate (42),  “we stopped being physically close long time ago, children, job...”

Thank you very much for helping us take a very different attitude to sex. What we learnt really opened our eyes. We have found a new dimensions of love and devotion. Mainstream believe that sex should be spontaneous and not planned brought us to where we were before we started the course. Your passion with which you worked with us made us fall in love with each other on a much deeper level. This is just a beginning and you have shown us the way. We both would like to continue to explore our sensuality deeper with your gentle guidance and will come on another set of sessions later this year. We feel there is much to learn from you and also it is good to refresh our knowledge in the special artistic atmosphere of your studio. You have an amazing gift of teaching such delicate things...


Alison (36),  “me and my husband are on a journey of self discovery”

Thank you for a wonderful workshop on Tantric Sex. It was a very powerful experience for me and my husband. It helped me to understand our bodies and the energy. Your “hands on” approach is so effective, it help my husband to feel more confident in sex. Before I did not know how to help him master his energy. Now I have a full understanding of art of synchronization. It is amazing that we tried so many thing to help Bob not ejaculate too soon, but only the tools you taught us were really powerful! Because it is all about love but not just techniques. Your direct physical approach to sex teaching is what a lot of people need.


Matthew (53), “my wife had an affair, we are thinking about divorce but I love her”

I wanted to say big thank you for teaching me. I never thought about what you so clearly explained to me. You are right, I hurt my wife in the past by having sex just to orgasm. The concept of Tantric Sex is ever so deep. I can see how love can grow if partners practice Tantric Sex. I never could imagine that my wife would allow me to touch her again. But, she did and enjoyed my sensual massage you taught me. We still do not have sex. I do not feel confident enough... I need more lessons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Lorence (48), "I have a very poor erection..."

Dear Lara, I wanted to thank you for a truly amazing experience yesterday. I was extremely nervous when I arrived, but you immediately put me at my ease and enabled me to overcome my anxieties in a very safe and calming way. I enjoyed so much the emotional and physical sensations which were beyond my previous, very limited, experience and capabilities. My understanding of sex has completely changed. I understood that release in ejaculation I have always aimed in my life brought me to a very bad state of my sexual energy.  It is still difficult for me not to desire orgasm, but I am only a student yet. You have great knowledge, talent and feeling for your vocation. I feel truly lucky to have found you to help me out of the inner darkness I have felt for the last 5 years. I am to start my journey to move forward into the light recognizing what you said. There is still a lot of life left!!


Ratchel, 39, "Since I had my third child I have lost all desire to have sex..."

…Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. I never thought before meeting with you that I were unhappy and unfulfilled by my own ignorance and passiveness. I can now love my husband properly… you understand…


Michael (42) and Caroline (37), "We do make love but not often..."

“…When we came back home I have moved the bed of my little daughter to her sister’s room. I understood that our bedroom should become a place for love. I have changed it, I have put flowers and arranged a music…Thank you again. We were close to divorce, but now…I am happy…”


Kelvin (29), "I've got a problem with PE, can you help?"

I slept with a girl that I had met from an online dating site. I didn't plan to sleep with her but it just happened as we got on really well. The best part was that I had quality passionate sex with her, pretty much all night without cumming at all. I was very much surprised and pleased. The breathing exercises and PC muscle exercises definitely worked and I really want to thank you for guiding me on this :) Plus the sensual touches, the way you taught me, was like a deep and quality love making experience with her. 


Ellen (56), Tom (62), "we still make love once a week but it is more a routine..."

“…Thank you so much for visiting us on Friday. The genuine warmth
with which you taught us and the tenderness with which you shared your knowledge produced a memorable experience the like of which we could never have imagined, even in our wildest dreams. We both agree that you have shown to us a new way of loving and even a new way of life. We wish you all the happiness and success. We definitely will write to you about our progress in developing our Tantric lovemaking…”



John, (55), "many years single, I love female company but I get very nervous when it comes to sex..."

 "...Well, I think the main thing is that you have utterly changed the way I feel about togetherness.... There is a lady in my life. And I sort of feel that I shall be a better partner for her as a result of the things you explained and for what I have experienced on your session. It has utterly changed my perceptions..."


Sam, 26, "I have premature ejaculation, GP prescribed me a cream but it didn't help..."

“…After the session I felt very exhausted, so much to think about and so difficult to control the energy, so much to change within myself, but the next day I felt a deep inner peace, there is something great about dealing with your body and desire. I never experienced that before. You are changing my life! “


Peter (72), Mary (66), "we are just curious what is Tantric Sex..."

“…We both were slightly nervous in the beginning but in time with your help and in the loving way that you nurture us in Tantra, we both became very relaxed in your presence.
I was worried about my wife, but I noticed that she she started to feel natural in your environment very soon. Your approach, your place, everything is a great therapy and teaching. But, for me, and my wife who would agree with me, experiencing your teaching was not only help to understand Tantric Sex. It seemed that time in your place was standing still, that all the stress and worries life brings to us instantly have disappeared. Your place is healing itself.

I believe fully in what you express on your web site and eventually happens in a session. When you mention on a session about the body being like a musician, I felt that this in particular is very true as I consider myself to be the instrument which my wife started to play. At the same way like to become a guitarist playing his guitar and making a beautiful sound with it, I would like to become when her body is against mine, this feels just as beautiful…”


James (38), Amie (36), "I want sex more often than my wife does. How we can balance that?"

"Thank you so much for the session. You are a great coach. We have listened to you and now are putting everything in practice...and it is amazing!"


Paul (35), "I am a very confident and professional guy, but when it comes to women I feel like a looser..."

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was not in a good state mentally at the time when I saw you and I was quite depressed. It was my first and last time seeking any kind of sexual help. I was very lucky that I came to you. You has helped me to lift myself out of the dark place I was in. It was the best therapy and teaching possible. I am very happily married now".


April (25), "I always try to please the man...I have never had a orgasm..."

"Thank you, Lara. The course was really amazing! I am in a loving relationship for more than two years now but never experienced so much love to my partner during sex. Now I know how it is easy to orgasm if I want to! The main thing is that I have changed my partner's attitude to my body".


Mark (50) and Pam (42), "we are married for years, we are very busy, we wish to be more loving, intimate and caring..."

"It is so wonderful to be naked again! We didn't do that for so long! We started to explore our sensuality and we just cannot stop to enjoy our new way of touching each other. These subtle sensations were never known to us. They are really everything! We like the course".


Theo (20), "I am a virgin. I am polite and respectful, but I feel very embarrassing to have sex with a girl..."

"Hi, Lara. The course was good. I have learned a lot. Yet, still a virgin. Looking for the true love as you have taught me. Hopefully when I meet the right girl I'm not too scared to take an opportunity to go forward".


Radnesh (35) and Nadiya (31), "two boys are taking all our time and energy..."

"Your Tantra is different and it is good. We did not expect that your course can help us to reconnect sexually so quickly. You encouraged us to find at least 5 minutes a day for each other. When we try to stick to that we really feel happy".


John (58), "I wish I have come to see you years ago"

"Lara, I have benefited enormously from my four sessions with you (the course). Your teaching has made me completely re-assess everything I ever thought about making love. Thank you so much!"


Colin (39), "I feel overwhelmed by my experience"

"I want to write this reviiew because I feel overwhelmed by my experience with Lara and by what I have learned from her during the 4 week course for men. I have learned in a very beautiful way the art of tantric lovemaking. Lara has shown me how to show affection and love, and how to nurture a relationship, due to a high pressure career I have in the past neglected this. The knowledge I now have has given me greater confidence. I am really glad I have met Lara, the quality of her teaching is second to none. I recommend her highly!"


Keith (60), "Sincere thanks Lara..."

"Lara showed me many ways to bring intimacy into our relationship. She help me to find a menu of different ways to be intimate with my wife. For over 30 years our relationship was based on fear of intimacy, but now I begin the journey of deep intimacy with my wife. Lara explained everything in a safe and simple way, based on common sense".


Sanem (38), Emin (45), "my husband doesn't feel the need to be intimate...we've never made love, we only have sex..."

"Thank you, Lara, for your wonderful teaching and advice...I will practice with my husband all you have taught me and I truly feel I have gained valuable lesson for a fulfilling love life...feeling love and then sending that love is the only energy that cannot be replaced...everything you said made so much sense to me also...I'm eternally grateful to you...thank you...love and light. Sanem".


Valeria (34), Hermann (49), "I ejaculate very soon and also we want to learn how to make love properly..."

"Thank you very much for your teaching. Our time with you has been very powerful and eye opening. You have a lot of wisdom, experience and kindness. The course of four sessions has been a fantastic love journey for us both and especially for me, As a man I have developed a great confidence and have learned very powerful skills and techniques to manage my arousal and to give a lot of pleasure to my partner. Thank you again! Hermann".


Leonora (32), Tom (45), "We are very much in love, but we would like to explore more things we can do together..."

"We have had such a wonderful time with you, Lara! Your Tantra teaching was way better than we were expecting. We both have really gained a lot of knowledge from just this one session of 3 hours. We can't wait to put some of the advice and techniques into our love life. We would like to learn more from you in the nearest future!"


Muhammed (35), " I had lost my confidence in my performance during sexual activity..."

For quite some time I had some issues in my marriage which separated me further and further from my ex-wife, and due to lack of intimacy and poor sex life on top of all the other issues, I had lost my confidence in my performance during sexual activity, to the extent that I was doubting if my approaches are wrong. So I tried to seek some help from a Tantra expert, and I’m glad I found Lara Anderson.

Throughout the 4 sessions, Lara managed to take me through the philosophy of tantric sex and showed me how our minds are consumed by wrong ideas and images of sexual activity. Her Unimacy Tantra training helped me reconnect with my own body and understand it better, and also gave my confidence a huge boost in getting intimate with women again. Like any other training, she required me to do some practice at home in between the sessions (often one week apart from each other) which were immensely helpful too. Although a couple might be able to practice these techniques and instructions in a more natural setting, her instructions are very helpful and work even if you need to go through the sessions on your own. Although the two of us did not get involved in any direct sexual relationship, her demonstrations and teachings are solid and very helpful when it comes to the real experience. She delivers what she promises on the website and makes her best to understand your needs and circumstances and tailor her material to suit it best.

After the 4 sessions, with a boosted confidence, I have started a new relationship which is satisfying in every aspect. Lara's teachings and trainings has helped me overcome my doubts and fears (induced mainly through bad experiences), make love in the real sense of it and boost my performance with every measure significantly, and for that I thank Lara Anderson and strongly recommend her for anyone who might want to open their eyes to the reality of intimacy - and to overcome short or long term sexual issues.


Natasha (31), Jeremy (33), "we have a baby, we both are tired and less sexual..."

We as a couple did the 3 hour workshop with Lara and we thought it was fantastic. We learned a lot about the differences between men and women's sexuality and how we could use this information to create more enjoyment for each other and bring us closer. The workshop was very informative and provided lots of practical ways and techniques to improve our sexual relationship and closeness for the long term. Lara is a great teacher. She is very sensual and makes you feel very comfortable to explore your own and your partners sensuality as well. We would highly recommend it - it has opened our eyes to each other again and we have incorporated what we learned into our daily lives already.


Monica (37), Lee (37), "we have just met and we wanted our sex life to be special..."

Many thanks for such a beautiful session! We really enjoyed it. We felt magic in your studio. We also have found the session very informative. We continue to experience joy of loving touch every day. What you have taught us is amazing. Thank you so much!


Adam (29), "I experience lack of sexual desire, I have a problem to get an erection..."

I found your session most enlightening. Speaking to a friend recently, I described it as the best sort of learning: not dense and technical but, rather, a radical shift in consciousness: from one way of viewing sex, to another. Powerful stuff! And I remain in this new way of seeing things. It is bringing me great peace.  


Kelvin (30), "I would like to be more confident and competent in this area..."

I feel the skils Lara teaches schould be taught to every man. The course of 4 sessions has shifted my perception of sex, intimacy, my relationship with myself and with others. The exercises Lara taught me has helped me be more grounded, connected and invigorated. I feel confident that when I do enter into a relationship, I can foster a positive adn enrishing experience for both, me and my partner. I am no longer in the dark when it comes to intimate relations.


Anna (36), Trevor (47), "we love each other but we hardly have sex as my husband is often very tired and has no erection..."

The course of 4 session was very useful a enjoyable for both of us. We have successfully applied your lessons and we feel a great progress in our sexual life. My husband has more energy and we have sex more often, yet we focus on other things which you taught us. Other loving techniques really make us very happy, relaxed and connected.


Benny (32), "I want to learn how to be a better boyfriend, I have low libido..."

Thank you very much for writing the book "Unimacy", which explains so clearly the relationship between love and sex. It has built in me a strong foundation about the way to deal with my future partner. And even more thank you very much for the course for men! I have learnt how to take care of my body by not ejaculating and developing a stronger sexual energy. I am doing it very well now. I do not need to worry about my libido at all. I started to select the girl to be my girlfriend carefully. It is much easier for me now to approach women. But I am happy to be single so far and not to have casual sex as you taught me how to control myself and be well balanced. And I am happy so far with my status. Thank you very much for your teaching, you have really upgraded my well-being and standart of living.





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