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Why sex is important?

Regular sexual practice for a woman is much more important than for a man. It slows down her ageing process because excitement stimulates the hormones, it brings the blood stream to every cell of her body to generate a better metabolism. It improves her skin, figure, and general health of all organs. Woman’s beauty, energy, long life, mental and physical health very much depends on her mood but her mood is a subject of being loved and in love. No career can give to a woman as much life energy as her balanced sexual life. Loosing interest in sex can be considered as an illness – it damages a woman’s health and mentality.

What is typical situation?

Very often women ignore, deny or repress their sexuality because of unhappy sexual experience. They live within relationships (marriage or partnerships) where they hide, including from themselves, a subconscious sense of guilt about escaping sexual contact with their partner. Even if they are caring about their male partner's happiness they still cannot overcome the very complicated feelings of desperate resistance to physical touch, especially sex, finding a lot of reasons of avoiding it. sexual problems in women

Very often women do not have any sexual contact with their partner for years thinking that this is not very important if all other sides of life seams are going well. They do not realise that it is not only their male partners who suffer but they too are going to face failure in health and personal fulfilment because at the end of the day the woman’s realisation is not achieved. What is the woman’s realisation? We, women, were given by nature the great talent: to be a mother, mother for the Earth, mother for the children and mother for the man. Being the mother means to give care, love, gentleness, healing by sensual loving touch, feel response to it and enlighten our soul with this incredible meaning and purpose of our lives.


What is the woman's nature?

Woman’s senses are a great gift from life. They are much more developed and subtle by nature, they are much more powerful in terms of healing and intuition, they are much more “colourful” and creative than man’s senses. We constantly talk about two sides of personality in each individual: male and female, but we have completely confused all natural qualities of the two different sexes, especially when it comes to sexuality. To become a sensual woman is a conscious possession of the soul. No man could make a woman happy if she does not learn the art of sensuality herself. To BE a sensual woman brings this sense of realisation of female personality, fulfilment and confidence that makes life worthwhile. Being a sensual woman is timeless, it is like being alive.

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What does Tantra teach?

Tantra looks at a man and a woman from different perspectives. Tantra defines the woman as water and the man as fire. That’s why in tantric union woman is the leader, woman is wisdom and peace, woman is the creator of music of love and the conductor of the whole orchestra but man is an instrument, which can sound beautiful if the woman knows how to play it, otherwise the man will quickly lose his sound (his power). Woman has to control a men’s excitement and help him. Woman also has to warm up herself using the man’s heat ... Tantra helps women to understand how to take the lead to achieve the highest sense of sexual union with her man.


What a woman has to develop?

What do I teach?

I can help you to explore your and your partner sensual bodies, to become sexually creative and free by learning tantric lovemaking. The female body is a dancer. I can teach you how to “dance” the “tantric dance of love” which builds strong emotional and physical attraction and attachment between a man and a woman and which makes a man relaxed and following every wish of his woman. My teaching will help you to explore your female sensuality by learning self-stimulation and self-balancing techniques. If you have any other issues with your sexuality we can discuss them too.

Attanding my course you will learn how to teach your man to “dance” with you. You do not need words for this. I know how it could be embarrassing for a woman to say what she wants her man to do in terms to sustain her arousal. I know also how rough and clumsy a man’s body could be. Your body could teach his body! Beautifully! Ecstatically! For a woman it is more important to express her love rather than to be pleased by her man physically. Having an orgasm does not mean you are sexually happy!

I can share with you a lot of female wisdom. It can help you not only in relationships, but in your life. Tantra is not only about sexuality, it is about life. I can help you in understanding what kind of a man you need if you are single or how to create a deeper connection with your partner or husband.

How do I teach Tantric Sex?

I teach in one-to-one sessions or in small groups. I have developed a unique way of training you using music, atmosphere and body movements to help you to expand your sexual potential and learn how to express love by becoming free with your body. During the course you can stay completely dressed. If you become freer with your body you can dress, as you like to explore sensations. I will not ask you to touch your genitals in front of me. In fact I do not emphasise genitals at all and so nor G-spot or other parts. I teach to understand the holistic nature of our bodies and emotions.

During the course you will go from one point to the other in steps. What they would be is very individual. You are an unique person with unique body and psychology. I will give you advise what to do next, like any counsellor or psychotherapist does and you will try to bring it into your life. Next time we meet we will discuss the outcome and move forward. Nothing happens over night!

How many tantric sessions do you need?

It depends on how much you would like to develop as a creative tantric lover and what kind of sexual difficulties you or your relationship have. I will create for you an unique program of what you can learn, what you can achieve in your relationship or in your life.

How else I can help you?

Through my work I have understood that a lot of couples can not talk about sex. It is not easy for a woman to say or ask her man how she wants her body to be treated. A man learns about "making love" from wrong sources. A woman is afraid to appear critical, and so not loving, she continues to live life where so little happiness for her when it comes to sex. A man needs training. If it is not possible for you as his partner to do that I offer you to send him to me. Have a look how I work with men. I have witnessed tromendous changes in men just after 2-3 sessions with me. But, you need to come to me together as a couple after that. The couple is a TEAM, a man and a woman should know how to HELP each other to be on the same road in sex.





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