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Life of a couple has many aspects, but sexual connection is fundamental. I believe that every couple should stay sexually connected till the rest of their lives. Sexual connection does not mean having passionate sex leading to orgasm. Sexual connection is nourishing each others bodies through loving touch.

Happy couples

If you are a happy couple there is still a lot to learn about your sensual and sexual bodies and about how to express love physically. Your bodies are constantly changing, sometimes you get very tired, stressed, ill, sometimes moods swing and light clouds can appear on the blue sky of your relationship. Also we get used to things. So we get used to the same stimulation, the same patterns in sex. Enchanting sexual life is the same as the enchanting garden - we have to work on it. You can have a few sessions and learn how to create more beautiful "garden" of your love life, what a new "plants" you can put there and joy will become more intense.

Not happy couples

A lot of couples eventually develop disinterest and boredom of sex because they are only focused on intercourse. If one partner, usually a woman, is not happy with sex, the couple have difficulties to talk about it. If a man is not happy with sex it is usually means that he has not enough if it. For a woman the quality but not quantity is important. It is hard for her to explain to her man how she wants to be touched. Men usually are clumsy, rushing and overexcited. Also they worry too much about their performance in penetration. Their knowledge about what women want usually come from wrong sources. Women are afraid to appear critical and not loving, so they continue to live life where there is very little sexual happiness for them. My aim is to support women in their sexual development and help them to understand how to lead their lovers.

Couples in crisis

My work is to bring the couple together in their minds and bodies through loving touch. Having orgasms can influence the relationship a lot because it effects our moods. Read science about orgasm. During the course of sessions a couple develops bonding physical behavior, exploring loving gestures. A man masters his sexual desires by learning how to touch a female body gently and relax into love and care. A woman learns how to help her man to understand her body and be open with him saying what she feels. Opening the intimacy door again and cultivating positive and pleasant physical and emotional experiences, increasing level of "love hormones" couple can speed up healing of their relationship.


My teaching is focused on making a woman feel comfortable and help her man to understand and love her body in a way she wants to be loved. The set of sessions would allow any woman to explore her body by her man's hands, lips, his whole body. She will gain her confidence in order to lead her man into romantic and gentle world of female sensuality which she desires and misses. Whether the couples comes to my Tantric studio or I visit their home I bring into my work a special magic when it is easy for a woman to relax and start to initiate. She will be able to invite her man into her gentle and loving world. She will be able to feel safe and cared of because my voice is leading her and her husband into it.

Every session is the direct physical and emotional experience for both partners, often overwhelming one. Using specific music I help the couple to recreate romantic and erotic feelings. I introduce them to tantric touch and help them to tune into each other’s sensations.

          tantra workshops for couples

During the course of sessions the couple passes through several stages. I demonstrate, stage by stage, elements of lovemaking, love massages and other lovemaking techniques. The couple continue practicing between sessions at home. I recommend to practice every day. Making love every day brings the couple closer. It creates more love. For couples who almost faced separation every day practice can cure relationship.

           tantric workshops for couples in London

Each couple is different. Each needs a different approach. My aim is to make them experience peace and comfort with each other, melt into each other's world, finding inner light and sink into romantic emotions. I teach them how to relax their bodies and make them into their soft warm clouds. Women intuitively are searching for relaxation and peace but they are scared to take any steps towards it. Sessions help them to become more initiative and creative. They do a lot of work with the male body under my guidance and this gives them confidence to take their men when they want to be. Right physical arousal supports bonding and ability to develop Tantric non-orgasmic (or valley orgasmic) sex which maintains the desire to unite and creates freedom for any loving expression. Tantric Sex raises the spirit and leads to transformation.

How many sessions

Usually any couple needs 4 to 6 regular (each week) sessions to learn love massages and master tantric penetration. They need about 10 sessions to develop all possible varieties of creative lovemaking.
If one of partners has sexual difficulties or dysfunction the number of sessions could be around 15. To overcome sexual problem or dysfunction the couple should work together. I teach them how to help each other to relax and connect.
During the course I always support the couple via emails or phone calls. Sometimes specific healing sessions are needed separately for a man or for a woman. I work in partnership with the male therapist.
I always work within the comfortable boundaries for you and your partner. You do not need to be naked at all.

Sexual dysfunction

A lot of people are searching for help with sexual problems visiting sexual therapists or doctors, they start taking medication. Sadly enough they do not think that pills can damage their health. Also there are no pills to make them into pleasant lovers. Besides, they spend a lot of money on sexual therapy which in fact does not help them to become good lovers. Sex is like dancing. If you are not a good dancer nobody would like to dance with you and you will start developing complexes. Most of sexual problems are the result of bad sexual experiences. The only way to heal sexual problems is to have good ones.




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