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Fee: £150 for 2h


This 2h training is vital!


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I have been working with women for 16 years and I have developed powerful tools: “Arousal Management”, “Intercourse Technique” and "Loving Touches".

You will hardly find the teaching as powerful and as effective as mine. Every woman said to me that she has learnt more in these 2h than in her entire life. This is true. Read carefully everything below...


Any woman has from time to time difficulties with getting aroused. She gets aroused easily in the beginning of the relationship or in case of a casual sexual encounter. But when she lives in long term relationship she often does not feel like wanting sex when her partner initiates it. This can upset the relationship, this can create in a woman the sense of disconnection from her partner and feeling of guilt. She can even start thinking that she does not love her partner any more. Which is not true in most cases.

To manage you arousal rightly to be able to enjoy sex fully and to be able always show readiness and happiness to make love with your partner you need to know a lot about your body and your energy. You also need to know how to use it correctly during lovemaking in order to sustain loving connection and allow yourself and your partner to enjoy each other in any situation: when energy is high or when energy is low, with orgasm or without.

In this 2 h workshop you will learn a lot about your genitals, about your breast and the whole body.

You will learn what movements and action you can do to make your man to give you as much love and care as you deserve it.

You will learn special techniques how to rise your energy, how to move it through the body, how to create orgasm if you want one, as not every time orgasm is possible and good for you. Why? You will learn on the workshop.

This workshop can change your life as a woman in a very positive and even blissful way. You will start seeing things you did not see before. You will gain your true woman's confidence and respect to your own body. You will learn how to care of its sexuality and use it sensibly to create your happy life and relationship, present or the future one.

Loving a man sexually is a physical process, it is true. Unfortunately women do not know much about their own bodies that's why they cannot teach their men how to love them. They are sexually unhappy but there is not much teaching around to help them to understand their sexuality rightly. Mainstream desire for hot sex soon does not work for any man and any woman. I teach women what is really works for them and for their men.

Usually women expect men to create happy sexual experience for them. Yet, you have to consider that it is very important to become a good lover for your partner yourself. Physical problems start to appear in men and women when there is no mutual emotional joy during physical sexual experience. If your partner is not enjoying what you do to his body, he will speed things up to finish as soon as possible. You have to expand your understanding of what lovemaking is, and avoid it being just intercourse. You will need to learn how to create the sensual art for yourself and your partner. Learning to become a good lover for him, means that you enjoy giving him different loving touches which he enjoys. He will then be able to enjoy intercourse in a way you want it to be, slow and gentle, because you were able to connect emotionally to him and for a long time before intercourse.


I am offering to women a very profound and powerful teaching of how to be a good lover. This method of teaching which I have developed through my work during the last 15 years is a very effective and powerful therapy to any sexual problems as well as teaching how to develop a happy sexual relationship. I teach women how to be in control of their bodies and also how to love male body the way men never are loved.

Physical intimacy is a very important part of human life. It can be wonderful only with a man you are in love with and in a relationship. Learning about lovemaking and developing skills can be done in two ways: learning together with your partner, in this case you can have any physical contact you desire to explore it with your partner under the guidance of a teacher, the second - learning alone with the teacher, in this case physical side is limited and can be explained, demonstrated indirectly, practiced by method of similarities via self-touch or via using imagination and imitation.

I need to know a lot about your body and about your sexual experiences. I will teach you how to touch a man the way he feels loved. I will teach you how to touch male genitals, how to kiss him and so on. You will be able to practice some elements indirectly. You will learn how to move in penetration in a way that you and your partner will not get overexcited. Important thing is for you to understand how to move, what to do exactly with your body, how to love male body.

My teaching is powerful work with your mind and body to develop calmness, confidence and understanding of your senses. Via self-practice and lovemaking to your partner at home you will establish better and better understanding of that and of how a man's body can feel, you will learn to become focused on many other lovemaking elements but not only on sensations in genitals.

I believe that I gave you a very clear explanation what is the aim of my teaching. The practical details vary because everyone is different in many ways (body, believes, experiences...). I will help you to discover a lot about yourself when we meet and the session will be specifically tailored for your sexual development as a loving person when I meet you and start to know you.

For any questions please email me: tantrainfo@yahoo.com


This 2h training vital!

If you practice what I will teach you soon you will see an incredible result in your relationship and in your wellbeing!


How many workshops do you need?

Some women need just one this workshop and they feel that they have learned enough to master their lovemaking techniques at home by self-practice and with their partners. Some need more meetings with me. But, I try to give as much as possible body-mind understanding how to progress and get results you want.


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