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The Art Of Lovemaking

For Couples And Individuals


Arousal Management Training

Fee: £150


This 2h training is vital for you!

 It not only will make you a confident lover but will teach you how to increase your life and energy potential.

Your money for that training will worth every penny!

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It's like learning to be a pilot.


"Hey Lara,

I slept with a girl that I had met from an online dating site. I didn't plan to sleep with her but it just happened as we got on really well. 

The best part was that I had quality passionate sex with her, pretty much all night without cumming at all. I was very much surprised and pleased. The breathing exercises and PC muscle exercises definitely worked and I really want to thank you for guiding me on this :) Plus the sensual touches, the way you taught me, was like a deep and quality love making experience with her. 

Thank you once again and hopefully I will see you around at some point in the future. K." .

I have been working with men for 16 years and I have developed powerful tools: “Arousal Management”, “Intercourse Technique” and "Loving Touches".

You will hardly find the teaching as powerful and as effective as mine. Every my client said to me that he has learnt more in these 2h than in his entire life. This is true. Read carefully everything below...


Any man cannot control ejaculation naturally (some men, thought not many, naturally obtain such control), you need to train yourself. It's like learning to be a pilot. A pilot is trained on the ground first, before he can fly. Entering a female body is like flying for the first time for a pilot. With a woman, a man can, unfortunately, train himself to actually fail and then, by repeating this failure, the problem gets worse until he is able to train himself “on the ground” with solo practice.

Also you have to consider that it is very important to become a good lover for your partner. Physical problems start to appear when there is no mutual emotional joy during physical sexual experience. If your partner is not enjoying what you do to her body, she will speed things up to finish as soon as possible. You have to expand your understanding of what lovemaking is, and avoid it being just intercourse. You will need to learn how to create for yourself and your partner, the sensual art. Learning to become a good lover for her, means that you enjoy giving her different loving touches which she enjoys.  She will then be able to enjoy intercourse because you are able connect emotionally and for a long time.


I am offering to men a very profound and powerful teaching of how to be a good lover. This method of teaching which I have developed through my work during the last 15 years is a very effective and powerful therapy to any sexual problems as well as teaching how to develop a happy sexual relationship with a woman. I teach men how to be in control of their bodies and also how to love female body the way women want to be loved.

Physical intimacy is a very important part of human life. It can be wonderful only with a woman you are in love with and in a relationship. Learning about lovemaking and developing skills can be done in two ways: learning together with your partner, in this case you can have any physical contact you desire to explore it with your partner under the guidance of a teacher, the second - learning alone with the teacher, in this case physical side is limited and can be explained, demonstrated indirectly, practiced by method of similarities via self-touch or safe physical interaction with a teacher and via using imagination and imitation.


it teaches you many very important aspects of lovemaking, how to build emotional contact and create loving touch. Genital contact with a woman you are not in love with can damage health and perception of what love is. You can help yourself a lot by learning from your own body's responses which are in fact similar to female body's responses. You will develop it via self- touch to your own body under my guidance.

My training contain knowledge about male and female bodies. You will learn how to touch and how to receive loving touch, how to apply different sensual massages. You will develop your lovemaking imagination. After the session I recommend techniques which you have to practice at home in order to establish your control better and develop your sensuality.


My teaching is powerful guidance for your mind and your body to develop calmness, confidence and understanding of your senses. Via self-practice and lovemaking to your partner at home you will establish better and better understanding of that and of how a woman's body can feel, you will learn to become focused on many other lovemaking elements but not only on sensations in genitals.

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Loving a woman sexually is a physical process, it is true. Unfortunately women do not know much about their own bodies that's why they cannot teach their men how to love them. They are sexually unhappy but there is not much teaching around to help them to understand their sexuality rightly. Mainstream desire for hot sex soon does not work for any man and any woman. I teach men what is really works for women.

I believe that I gave you a very clear explanation what is the aim of my teaching. The practical details vary because everyone is different in many ways (body, believes, experiences...). I will help you to discover a lot about yourself when we meet and the session will be specifically tailored for your sexual development as a loving person when I start to know you.

For more information please email me : tantrainfo@yahoo.com


A question many men have

I often receive emails similar to this one:

“Dear Lara.
It is really interesting to read your website and I've read it twice. I am in a dilemma about your service “Arousal Management Training”.
Thousands of very experienced doctors offer this service but there is no real evidence found, that the client is fully cured. I have found that millions of clients have lost thousands of pounds and put themselves in deep depression...I think it is not possible to learn this skill without real sex with a teacher”.

My answer to this question is directed not only to men but to women too, their partners and wives.

First, PE is not an illness and so cannot be cured.

PE is a natural physiological reflex in a male body which is completely normal and important for reproduction purposes. Nature does not care about the joy of sex, nature cares about quick and definite impregnation. So, all doctors and many therapists make money on what cannot be changed permanently by pills or intellectual discussion. They do not train men to operate with their bodies rightly.

Being sexually close with a woman your are in love with, is the purpose of human joy of intimacy. This is my strong opinion. If you are not careful with whom you have sex with you can face a big problems in your life. I am not talking about STD, I am talking about your ability to love someone devotedly and deeply.

The other point, all women are different, their behaviour in bed is like the weather for a pilot, he needs to be good enough with operating his plane in any weather. Putting your penis into somebody's vagina will not give you the right training to be a good lover, even if you will do that with many women. It is like trying to drive different cars when you never learnt to drive. You can jump in as many cars as you want but it will teach you nothing. You have to have a proper training with the teacher and obtain physical skills which have to become natural habits. The same in sexual behaviour. You have to overwrite your instinctive sexual responses by newly trained responses. And as in learning driving or flying, you start in the safe zone, not on the real road or in the sky. You have to consider also that to become a good driver in a small car does not give you enough skills to drive the lorry. The same having sex with different women. There are main principles and skills of good driving in any vehicle, so there are main principles of lovemaking with any woman, which I teach. 

One more point, having sex with the trainer is not training at all, because she is a human being, a woman. She can make the client concentrate more on the feeling of desire to her, rather than on the learning of management skills. If she is involved as a lover she gets aroused. Her mind would work differently in this case, not as a trainer's mind, but just as a sexually aroused woman's mind, she will need to think about her own sensations and energy, otherwise she can get physically uncomfortable. Her body will effect your body. She can make you last longer if she is a skilful lover and enjoys herself, but this will be for you a false triumph. With another woman, who is not skilful like “the therapist” you will again fail. Or, she can make you come even faster, to stop her body being involved, in which case she could just say:”You need a lot of sessions”. This is how you can spend thousands! Most, if none of these “therapists” and obviously doctors do not have any proper understanding of how to train men.

Third, training the body not to ejaculate is a process when only becomes a skill over time.

Bare in mind, the trainer is the guide. It is your body needs to be skilful, not the trainer's body! So, you need to train yourself in solo practice before you do that with the partner. It just like in sport. This skill can be developed only by the person himself, with regular training. If he stops using this skill he can return to his natural biological functioning. That's why married men start to experience PE later in life, while when younger they could last longer. In sex two people are involved, so they have to be equally responsible for what happens during sex. So, your woman should be your partner in driving energy, not just you alone. Boredom, routine and a purely physical way of having sex (no emotional involvement) will return you back to your biological programming. 

I give a man a powerful training which he needs to continue as a regular practice to prepare himself to any "weather". Without that he can spend thousand of pounds and it is futile! With me he often needs only one session, then he knows how to develop this skill.

My advice to girlfriend and wives

Even if your man does not ejaculate quickly now, but, if you both will not create the art of lovemaking, he can always return to this natural biological response later. Over the time your passion will be reduced, your can feel boredom and less interest to what you do now in sex. It is very important for any man of any age to learn what I teach on Arousal Management Training.

Yet, you have 2 choices:

  1. advise him to have an Arousal Management Training with me. It is for your benifits as I will teach him how to love you better!
  2. Go on my session as a couple and learn together how to develop the art of lovemaking. It will help him to control his arousal and it will help you to create the right energy flow and deeper emotional and physical pleasure. 

The money and time you both will invest will bring you fortune in your love relationship.


What do you need to do?

Book the Arousal Management Training.

For more information please email me: tantrainfo@yahoo.com

This 2h training vital for you!

If after the session you will practice regularly what I will teach you, then soon you will see an incredible result!


How many lessons do you need?

Some men need just one this lesson and they feel that they have learned enough to master their lovemaking techniques at home by self-practice and with their partners. Some need more lessons with me. But, I try to give as much as possible body-mind understanding how to progress and get results you want.


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