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The Art Of Lovemaking

For Couples And Individuals




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Fees: £250 for the course of 4 sessions

paid up front. No refunds.

1h each session



4 weeks, one session a week.

Each session contains:

All my sessions are very powerful teaching of techniques which you can apply straight away with your partner. You grow as a lover from week to week. The new understanding of sex allows you to develop your sexual life in new direction with your partner.

I have developed unique techniques to train women how to become the master of the art of sensual touch, to become a beauty and love in her physical body and most importantly a beauty and love in her mind and her attitude to her man. The most successful physical technique developed by myself focuses on the sexual act of penetration which is changing a woman's life and developing confidence in her to lead a man where she wants to be.

My training contain knowledge about male and female bodies. I will teach you how to massage his penis and his whole body in order to open in him understanding of how to relax and get into loving and bonding sexual practice, how to find inner balance (decrease sexual tension). You can learn how to touch and how to receive loving touch, how to apply different sensual massages to your partner's body. You will develop your lovemaking imagination. After the session I recommend techniques which you have to practice at home in order to establish your active role in lovemaking and develop more sensuality in your relationship.


Why you need to learn Tantric Sex

I believe that all men and women need training in the basic elements of lovemaking. I believe in tantric sex education for all people. This will create stronger, more loving families, where parents will be positive role models for their children and others, living and passing on the right understanding of sexuality.

People have very powerful sexual energy between the age of 18 to 40. This energy disturbs them,  creates frustration in their bodies, causes bad moods and may even cause pain in genital area. Further, this energy could become a pressurizing and dominating force over the female body from a man. At this age a man thinks very little about what a woman experiences during sex. Very often sex in reality becomes an abusive act over the woman's body unless she likes to drive herself to orgasm too. Most young women too do not know anything about loving sex, they are also only focused to satisfy their own “little animal”, they want orgasm and so push their men into this forceful behavior.

The sooner a man and a woman learn to control this instinctive desires and develop new bodily habits - to relax and connect to each other, to “walk slowly the road of Love”, the sooner they both will become a confident and great lovers all the days of their life. It's as simple as that! But, the problem is that it is SO difficult for any man even in older age to master his desire and energy, to obtain an understanding, to change his bodily needs and take them to another level, to feel comfortable not ejaculating, to enjoy touching a woman gently and to maintain a peaceful state of mind, body and energy.

However, it can be done! And you as a woman can help your man. You can teach him not by your words, which often do not work, but by your attitude and your body language. The sooner you learn Tantric Sex the sooner you can make your sexual life more balanced, energetic, creative and free. 

The aim of the course:

  • to bring to a woman the understanding of importance of Tantric Sex 
  • to teach her how to let her partner to experience changes in his sexual energy intensity
  • to teach her how to create an opportunity for her and her partner to change the dynamic of their sexual relationship
  • to help her to gain self-confidence as a loving and leading in sex woman    


About the course

The course is designed in 4 physical sessions, 1,5 hour each, once a week or once every 10-14 days. Before Physical Course starts I give 1h talking session. The length of the interval between sessions may depend on numerous factors, such as:

-  the character of a woman
-  her sexual habits
-  her state of relationship with a man
-  her desire to learn and develop

A program of sessions

Session 1. Relax and Control.

You will learn:

1. major and very powerful techniques of moving sexual energy through the body
2. techniques for relaxation whilst aroused
3. techniques for managing arousal
4. techniques for expanding sensuality from genitalia to the whole body
5. to surrender your body to your partner's touch
6. to create positive encouraging feed back towards your partner's touch


Session 2. Listen to your partner. Mirror.

You will learn:

1. to feel and understand male body's movements
2. to synchronize with his energy and help him to relax
3. to respond as his body talks to your body
4. to lead your partner into mirroring your touch and respond with gratitude and love to it


Session 3. Creative initiative.

You will learn:

1. to initiate different loving touches to the male body via different massages
2. to use lips (kisses) and hands (strokes) in a more erotic way to cultivate more sexual energy in your own body and in the male body
3. to improvise and be creative with your body and to invite the male body into “dance of love”
4. to create more connection and synchronization in movements, energy vibration and waves of arousal


Session 4. Powerful energy exchange.

You will learn:

1. oral stimulation various techniques
2. tantric sex intercourse techniques
3. kisses mouth to mouth using various techniques to rise and move sexual energy
4. to create an emotional, sensual and energy levels and balance

for any questions please email me: tantrainfo@yahoo.com



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